Introduction of neighbouring areas

Tips on what you can do as our guest

Fishing, and especially salmon fishing is our number one thing! Especially outside of our busiest salmon-fishing season there’s a lot of activities you can enjoy and do as our guest which are all related to the nature and neighbouring areas.

There’s a 1.5-hour drive to Santa’s village at Rovaniemi. One hour drive to the Ranua’s zoo. There’s a lot to do for the whole family!

Kemi, in which you can see the ice-castle, icebreaker Sampo or go to a sleigh-safari is 45-minute drive away from Lapinkoski.

Lohiranta restaurant is only 15 minutes from Lapinkoski on-foot.
(Open every day from 1st of June to 31st of August. Other times only with reservation and only to groups.)

With car you can easily access to a nearby husky-farm, farm-animal zoo or a reindeer-ranch.

Museum-road of Simonkylä with the museum at estuary makes it possible for our guests to get to know the real farmer-culture.

Area of Lapinkoski is a great base if you want to visit, go to fishing or get to know the bird population at the marsh protection area of Martimoaapa. From our webstore you can rent for example a sit-on-top fishing kayak that are easy to take with you on a station wagon to the estuary or a nearby Martimojärvi.

NOTE! Salmon-fishing is allowed right after the ice has melted.

Neighbouring area instroduction

Lohiranta-restaurant at Simojoki (1,4 km)

Restaurant at Lohiranta is always open during summertime, and also services the travellers and fishers of Lapinkoski. Louhelankari fishing-area at Lohiranta is also possible to reserve for your use as a customer of Lapinkoski.

Martimojärvi (4,5 km)

Area is the most terrific one at trekking the whole year round. You can find fireplaces and good routes to get around the area. At Martimojärvi you can move around and fish on a rental kayak or on the beach. More information at

Jokisuu & Simonkylä (22 km)

Wonderful day-trip attraction for fishing bass or grayling can be found on Jokisuu area. You can get the best fishing experience if you fish on a boat or fishing kayak. You can find great attractions to visit at Simo and Simonkylä. More information at www.simonkylä.fi

Kivalot and deserted cabin of Kivalo (25 km)

Deserted cabin of Kivalo is found on a unique place on a summit of Keski Penikka at Kivalot in the middle of rocky tor-area. On courtyard you’ll find a hut for four people, restroom and sightseeing tower.

Kemijoki, Tervola (45 km)

If you’ve had enough of salmon, grayling or bass-fishing, then how about pike or zander-fishing at Kemijoki? Tervola-town at Kemijoki, a daytrip away from Lapinkoski you can find amazing places for fishing!

Kemi, snow-castle and ice-breaker Sampo (50 km)

Ice- and snow experiences all year round! During summer the beach around the bay is a nice daytrip attraction with their beach-magazines and restaurants!

Oijärvi, Ii (52 km)

Known for their large pikes and basses Oijärvi is a shallow, about 12km long lake on Ii. Great day-trip attraction for boat-fishing!

Ranua Zoo (66 km)

You can find about 50 different species and 150 animals on this zoo for arctic animals on Ranua.

Tornionjoki (92 km)

Torniojoki is great place for trolling a salmon on the slowly flowing stream pool and bog-parts pf the river from the webstore of Lapinkoski you can rent the best boats and equipment as well as guide-services for fishing at Torniojoki.

Polar Circle and Santa's Village (114 km)

The official address of Santa-Claus can be found on Polar Circle at Rovaniemi. Santa’s village is open on summer and winter!

Estuary / Sea-area

Islands in front of the estuary offer numerous great places to fish for bass and pike. Rent a boat or canoe and have fun fishing! With or without a guide.

+ Simonkylä

Estuary at Simonkylä there’s a village that has survived a war. Through the village goes museum-road that was originally built in 1600-century. Museum-road offers a great chance to get familiar with a Nordic culture. More information at

Northern & Southern Mertakoski

Popular attraction to fish Salmon at the beginning of the season between May and June.

Vähä- & Iso-Petäjä

First resident fish can be found from these heights.


After the spring-flood this is the first sections of the rapids where it’s possible to fish a big resident fish. We also recommend trying fishing at the upper parts of the rapids as well.


Saukkokoski is an excellent place for fishing, there’s a versatile flow at the bottom thanks to the curves.

Northern ja Southern Hömmönkoski

Popular fly-fishing place to fish from the shore or from the boat with a guide. Great place from the beginning of June all the way to the end of August. There’s a fireplace in the area.

Louhenlankari area

It is possible to fish as a customer of Lapinkoski on Louhelankari, which is located on the Lohiranta at Simojoki. Ask more from our customer service.

Lapinkoski Oy

Lapinkoski is slowly flowing rapid which is extremely suitable for salmon and grayling fishing. You can find lodging next to the best fishing-spots. Lapinkoski works as your base for other neighbouring fishing areas. Read more at


After a smile rapid-section there’s a long niva-like slide. Area is possible to fish at with a guide via boat for example.


Versatile rapids for fly- or reel-fishing.


Depending on the water-situation popular fishing attraction where you can find lean-to for a daytrip.

Some of the places on this fishing-area you can only fish on a boat with a guide. More information at

Other well-known places for fishing:

Kemijoki (Tervola) – 45 km away from Lapinkoskelta

Torniojoki (Kukkola) – 92 km away from Lapinkoskelta

Simojärvi – 108 km away from Lapinkoski

Iijoki – 65 km away from Lapinkoskelta

Oijärvi – 53 km away from Lapinkoskelta

Fishing and recreational area of Lapinkoski - Your base for fishing, trekking and hunting

From our six hectare wide area you’ll find out 400 meters long fishing area of Lapinkoski, high-quality timber cabins, beach sauna, sightseeing hut as well as fireplace and docking-area for the boats. We are developing the area slowly but surely according to the wishes of our customers. Welcome to enjoy a wonderful time in the nature!


Fishing and recreation area of Lapinkoski works as your base for various nature-related activities. In front of you there’s one of the best salmon-fishing places on Simojoki. Lapinkoski. Near the area you’ll find a myriad of other terrific places to fish and hiking. You can get to know these by yourself or with a guide.

Salmon-fishing is allowed from 1st of June to 31st of August. Outside of this timeframe the salmon-fishing is extremely prohibited. Fishing of other fish species such as grayling, bass or pike is more widely allowed. Please check the latest information regarding fishing-limitations at or +358 45 332 7932. Also, your Fisheries Management Fee needs to be paid. Metsähallitus, local fishing supervision and police are responsible for the supervision of fishing permits in the area. We recommend that you wouldn’t go to water at autumn when it’s the spawning season. This way we’ll ensure that the salmon will have a healthy and successful spawning-year!

During the season which salmon fishing is prohibited we recommend using non-jagged, hook with 1 hook for fishing. Remember to submit your catch notification to us. We are keeping an important salmon catch-statistics of Simojoki. By submitting your catch notification, you might also win a price. If you let the fish go only the size-information is needed. Our fishing area is mainly targeted for fly fishing, but reel fishing is also allowed.

Webstore (

From our webstore you can rent a fishing canoe for two that is specifically designed for salmon-fishing, or a kayak’s meant for bass and pike fishing. For example, Koukkusuvanto, Martimojärvi and Simojokisuu right next to us are great places for kayak fishing.

As our customer you have the option to purchase services from our professional fishing and hiking guides. Wit hthe help of our guide you’ll familiarize the techniques and fishings-spots on one go. As more from our customer service  045 332 7932 or


Our high-quality cabins are in-use for our guests around the year. You can reserve a cabin, sauna or the sightseeing hut easily from our webstore. As you sign-in to the cabin you’ll find the instructions and rules for the cabin.

Smoking indoors is extremely prohibited! On the entrance of the area, you’ll find waste-bins. Please take care of the environment and don’t leave your trash on the area.


Please take note that our area is in-use for the customers who have reserved the cabin. You can reserve the cabin, sauna, guide-services as well as fishing equipment at You can also reserve the whole area for private use. This is a great option for a group of 4 – 12 people.

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