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Well-rounded fly-fishing experience in Southern Lapland

If you are a passionate about fly-fishing or just curious about it, then this page is meant just for you! Simojoki that is located in the Southern Lapland offers you a great fly-fishing experience, that combines wonderful scenery, great waters and unique fishing experiences into one package!

Fly-fishing at Simojoki

Simojoki is one of the rare freely flowing rivers still in its natural state in Norther Europe. It is also known as one of the only and most respected salmon rivers in Finland. There’s a unique salmon and grayling population living in the river. Simojokisuu, it’s stream pool areas and nearby lakes offer a great place for pike and bass fishing.

On Simojoki there’s the only naturally growing salmon population in Finland. Thousands of salmon are rising up to it yearly. They mainly rise only 40 kilometres from estuary to their birthplace. According to the catch-data the average weight of the salmons is between 7 and 8 KG. Fishing and recreation area of Lapinkoski is one of the best salmon fishing attractions of the river. Next to it you can find the other well-known fishing-attractions like Hanskankoski, Hömmönkoski and Louhelankari. Read More about the best fishing spots here!

Aside from salmon Simojoki is a terrific place for fishing Grayling. You can find it populating the whole river, but especially the upper parts are amazing places for fishing them. Stream pools and nearby fishing spots are also a pike-fishing mecca of Simojoki. With a guide fly-fishing of pike in the estuary or nearby lakes is a versatile and great experience, especially on a boat.

Beautiful environment and versatile fish population make Simojoki a popular attraction for both Finnish and foreign fisher. Whether you’re a beginner or more seasoned fly-fishing expert Simojoki offers you a great and unique fishing experience!

Best time for fishing

Fly-fishers can enjoy fishing at Simojoki around the year, but especially the early summer and early autumn are the best time for fishing. Beginning of the fishing season, which is immediately between the end of the May and the beginning of June all the way to the end of June is great time for Salmon fishing. Midsummer Day-week is one of the best weeks for fishing in early season. Beginning of July fishing really depends on the temperature and how you fish. Resident salmon directs the new rising salmon populations movement in the river, during which the river comes back to life again and you’ll have better chances for catching the salmons. Salmon fishing on Simojoki continues all the way to the end of August. When the nights cool down and the young salmons, also known as titti rising up the stream makes it great and atmospheric time for fishing. After august the fishing season at Simojoki continues with grayling fishing all the way to when the water freezes.

Making use of the fishing guide

For an inexperienced fly-fisher Simojoki may be a challenging place for fishing, and especially with salmon fishing making the use of our guide is extremely recommended. By making the use of the guide for a day or two you’ll increase the chances to catch salmon. Our guides that have spent a long time on the river play an important role when taking accord when and how you should try fishing during the different times of the fishing season.

Fishing and recreation area of Lapinkoski at Simojoki

Fishing and recration area of Lapinkoski at Simojoki is a unique fly-fishing attraction and peaceful vacation location on a beach of gorgeously flowing river of Simojoki. Lapinkoski is easily accessible from the airports of Kemi-Tornio, Oulu and Rovaniemi and it works as an excellent resting place for those who want to travel to Sweden or Norway.

On the wonderful fishing and recreation area of Lapinkoski you’ll find a 400 meters long beautiful beach, which is a great place for fly-fishing. In addition to our new, high-quality cabins (Kojamo and Titti) you’ll find a spacious sightseeing hut, fireplace, docking area for the boats as well as beach sauna built for our customers renting a cabin, which is a great place to relax after a long day full of fishing.

Versatile and high-quality fishing travelling

Lapinkoski Oy is a responsible corporation specialized in fishing travelling, that offers lodging and fishing services on Simojoki and its vicinity for Finnish and foreign travellers who appreciate a great quality. Also, the fishing attractions of Iijoki, Kemijoki and Torniojoki area are all easily accessible from the fishing and recreation area of Lapinkoski. During winters Lapinkoski offers a great base for ice fishing and sleigh trips. In addition, the area is popular among foreigners who want to see aurora borealis.

Fishing guide services

Lapinkoski offers fishing guide services for those who want to experience the great fishing opportunities at their finest. Our professional fishing guides are all experienced local pro guides, who know the rivers and lakes of the area liek their own pockets. Using their services is recommended.

Fishing guides offer versatile fishing experiences for both beginners and experienced fishers. Whether you’re interested in fishing salmon, trout, grayling or pike the fishing guides are there to help you find the best fishing areas and techniques, so that you can get the best possible results on your fishing trip. Whether you’re on a shorter daytrip or a longer fishing vacation fishing guides of Lapinkoski are there to make sure that your trip will be an unforgettable experience.

Fly-fishing courses

For many years Lapinkoski has arranged popular fly-fishing courses of salmon for beginners and more experienced fly-fishers. Courses fit for beginners and those, who want to deepen their knowledge and skill set and learn new techniques. In addition to these popular fly-fishing courses of salmon Lapinkoski arranges other private and group fly-fishing courses, which include lodging on Lohiranta or Lapinkoski’s high-quality cabins.

Teachers on these fly-fishing courses at Lapinkoski are all experienced and professional fishing guides, who are specialized in fly-fishing of salmon with two-handed fly-fishing rods. They are eager to share their knowledge and experiences, so everyone who attends the course can learn a lot and get a lot of useful tips and tricks out of their courses. Whether you take a short course or a longer fishing vacation, fly-fishing courses at Lapinkoski offer you an unforgettable experiences and opportunities to develop as a fisher in the beautiful wilderness of Lapland- Read more about courses here!

Equipment rental and selling

Lapinkoski sells and rents high-quality fly-fishing equipment, boats and other fishing equipment for their customers. From our selection you’ll find equipment used and recommended by our guides from respected brands such as Guideline, Hardy, Greys and Royal Wulff.

You can rent a riverboat with trailer, sit-on-top kayak for fly-fishing of poke on Simojokisuu or other nearby lakes. Read more about rentals here!

Lapinkoski is supporting the restoration of watershed areas of Simojoki and clean future

“My own goal is to support the clean future of the one-of-a-kind Simojoki through Lapinkoski. Our business aims to collect funds for the restoration of watershed area of Simojoki to its natural state as well as support the well-being of the fish population, especially wild salmon. For example, the profit from our popular Lapinkoski Trucker Cap was directed completely to support the wild salmon of Simojoki through WWF via their Metsäpurojen puolesta-campaign in 2023. We aim to keep collecting the funds during following seasons and to raise the selection of products from which the profit goes directly to support the watershed area of Simojoki and its wild salmon. We also encourage other businesses to join our cause to protect the salmon of Simojoki and help with the restoration of the area. If you or your company has any interest to join I will gladly give you more information how you can be a part of our cause.” Jussi Kesonen from Lapinkoski Oy says.

Simojoki is a unique attraction for fly-fishing, offering gorgeous scenery and versatile fishing opportunities. You can fish in unique ways in a natural environment on Simojoki, and the salmon population of Simojoki is known as being one of the most high-regarded ones in Finland. As a whole the fly-fishing on Simojoki offers a great and unique experience to enjoy the nature, joys of fishing and even aurora borealis. Fishing and lodging services of Lapinkoski completes this experience offering a professional guidance and unforgettable fishing experiences for everyone who enjoys fishing.

What equipments to use?

You can easily get hooked on salmon fishing and fly-fishing of salmon even more so! You can fish the salmon with one- or two-handed fly-fishing gear. These equipment’s are usually chosen based on the situation, and there is no real right or wrong way. one-handed equipment is more suited for smaller rivers and fish that can be more easily controlled that are usually also on the smaller side, about under 6KG in weight. These types of fishes are usually fished-up from many rivers of Finnmark.

The “use range” of one-handed equipment is much broader. You can see them being used in almost every type of fish you can encounter in our native waters. For this reason one-handed are usually the first choice for people who are stepping into the world of fly-fishing. Two-handed equipment is aimed more for river fishing of salmon an sea trout.

You can learn how to correctly throw the lure quite quickly if you get the hang of the basics, after that it’s only a matter of practice. To learn the basics, it would be recommended to use some help from a more experienced friend or a course. For example, by participating on a course you can avoid learn to avoid learning some things the hard way.

Two-handed rods are more suited for bigger rivers such as Torniojoki or Teno. This way it is a bit easier to guide the bigger fish than with one-handed rod. However, the salmon doesn’t have the foggiest which type of rod you’ll be using. Simo and Näätämöjoki are clearly smaller salmon rivers than the two earlier examples, but you should consider taking 2-handed rod with you to Simojoki as well. It is quite common to see people using the two-handed ones on Simojoki and Tornio since the size of the fish in them can be quite large. For example, in summer of 2023 the biggest salmon caught on Simojoki was 122cm long (and weighted about 18KG). Catching one would require strong and high-quality equipment.

From one-handed rods the most common classes are 7 – 8 and the length is about 9 feet. With two-handed the most common classes are 7 – 10 and the length is 12 – 15 feet. For example, our guides prefer using two-handed salmon rods which lengths are 12.6(7/8#) and 13.6(8/9#) class. These are also in free use for our guests if you’re fishing with a guide. You can also find the same rods on the webstore of Lapinkoski if you end up really liking them after giving them a try with a guide or after trying them on a salmon fly-fishing course arranged by Lapinkoski.

How about the flies themselves? Upon arriving our guides will give you the latest tip for flies to use. The type of fly that one can catch a salmon changes yearly However certain models works regularly on the northern rivers. On the website of Superflies you’ll find a good listing on flies that you should take with you on Simojoki.

Interested in buying your own fly-fishing equipment? Check our webstore to find the high-quality equipment that our guides use and get them for yourself. You can also send inquiries about the equipment to our email

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