Fishing at Simojoki

Simojoki is one of the rare freely flowing rivers in Northern Europe, in which is inhabited by a unique salmon population and where the river is completely in natural state. When taking accord the size of the river the salmon population is at a comfortable level, since there are thousands of salmon rising up to the river every year. In addition, there’s also a unique grayling population at the Simojoki. River mouth and nearby lakes are also known as a great pike and bass fishing places. We hope that as our guests you participate in securing the well-being of our fish population. Here we have collected a few important things related to the fishing at Simojoki and its vicinity. Please remember that the instructions and rules may change. Please check the latest information from our customer service!

During summer from 15th of June to 31st of August there’s a weekly 24-hour period, where any kind of fishing is strictly prohibited at Simojoki. This period starts every Monday at 19.00/7pm and ends on Tuesday at 19.00/7pm. During this time, you can try fishing at other fishing destinations nearby waters 😉

Salmon fishing season starts in spring when the ice has melted and lasts all the way to the 31st of August. In autumn the salmon fishing is strictly prohibited. Fishing of other types of fish, such as grayling, bass and pike is allowed more broadly, and autumn is as wonderful time to for grayling and pike fishing. Please check the latest information from our customer service.

You can buy the fishing license through us, from the restaurant at Lohiranta or erä website. To fish you need the fishing license and the Fisheries Management Fee needs to be paid. Metsähallitus, local fishing supervision and police are responsible for the supervision of fishing permits in the area.

We recommend that you do not go to the water in the spawning area of the salmon during the early autumn. This way we’ll make sure that the salmon will have a successful spawning season.

During the season which salmon fishing is prohibited we recommend using non-jagged, hook with 1 hook for fishing.

Remember to submit your catch notification to us. We are keeping an important salmon catch-statistics of Simojoki. By submitting your catch notification, you might also win a price. If you let the fish go only the size-information is needed.

Our fishing area is mainly targeted for fly-fishing, but reel fishing is also allowed. With our guide the fishing can also be done from the boat with fly, reel- or row-fishing. You can reserve the guide from our webstore or via email

Use a net to lift up the fish. Do not use lifting hook. When you’ve tired the fish enough, you can also get the salmon to the shore with your hands by taking a hold by the foot of the tail. This way you can always decide whether you want to keep the fish or set it free. Please help us to make sure that our fish population stays healthy.

As our customer you have the chance to hire our professional fishing guide. We have guides that have expertise in different fishing styles. With the help of our guide the techniques and places become familiar to you at the same time. Ask more from our customer service or 0503643942

Lapinkoski Oy is actively collecting funds for the restoration of the watershed of Simojoki. From our webstore you can find products, from which the profit goes directly to support the salmon of Simojoki. WWF is also supporting this mission of ours. If you are interested to support our migration fishing population and the well-being of clean waters, please contact us and we will gladly tell more about how you can support our mission.

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